Westboro FAQ

1. What are the typical property types in Westboro, and is there a mix of housing options available?

Westboro offers a diverse range of housing options, including historic single-family homes with unique architectural character, modern and stylish condos providing urban living, and townhouses catering to families. This mix allows residents to choose homes that align with their preferences and lifestyle.

2. How is the public transportation system in Westboro? Are there convenient options for commuting to downtown Ottawa or other areas of the city?

Westboro benefits from a robust public transportation system. Multiple OC Transpo bus routes serve the area, ensuring frequent and reliable service. The Westboro Transit Station acts as a central hub, providing convenient options for commuting to downtown Ottawa and other parts of the city. Additionally, Dominion Station in the west part of Westboro and McKellar Park further enhance accessibility.

3. Are there parks or recreational areas in Westboro, and how is the overall green space in the neighbourhood?

Westboro is rich in green spaces and recreational areas. Dovercourt Recreation Centre offers various programs and activities, while Westboro Beach along the Ottawa River provides a picturesque setting. Parks like McKellar Park feature playgrounds and sports facilities, contributing to a well-balanced mix of urban amenities and natural surroundings.

4. What is the general vibe of the community? Are there community events or gatherings that residents often participate in?

The community in Westboro exudes a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. Residents actively engage in local events, such as the Westboro Farmers' Market and neighbourhood festivals. The Westboro Community Association plays a pivotal role in organizing events, creating a strong sense of community and connection among residents.

5. How is the safety and security of the neighbourhood? Are there neighbourhood watch programs or community policing initiatives?

Westboro is generally considered a safe and secure neighbourhood. Residents actively participate in neighbourhood watch programs, fostering a strong sense of community safety. Community policing initiatives contribute to proactive measures, making Westboro a secure and comfortable place to live.